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Shakalaka Mask Details

Mask Name Rathalos Mask
Mask Name (jpn) れうすのお面
Ability Sonic bomb effect
Monster Priority Large Monster
Attack Type Mostly Melee
Dance Frequency Small
Gathering Frequency Small
Rage Attack Shoot a Fireball
How to get
Clear deliver quest from junior, after finishing quest Conqueror of Land and Sea
Keyword Conqueror of Land and Sea (双界の覇者)
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 Item needed to clear junior delivery quest
Points: 1,200
Item NameQty
Firecell Stone3
Rathalos Plate1
Rathalos Scale+3
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 Mask skill slots
Mask LevelSlot
Level 01
Level 32

 Mask Additional Status
Mask LevelStatus
Level 0Attack multiplier 1.15
Level 5Attack multiplier 1.4