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Shakalaka Mask Details

Mask Name Gag Gargwa Mask
Mask Name (jpn) ガーグァフェイク
Ability Leave shiny drop when flee
Monster Priority Small Monster
Attack Type Mostly Melee
Dance Frequency Many
Gathering Frequency Many
Rage Attack Charge to monster
How to get
Clear deliver quest from junior, after finishing quest Under the Yolk
Keyword Under the Yolk (幸せのたまごを生むガーグァ)
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 Item needed to clear junior delivery quest
Points: 800
Item NameQty
Gagua Feather5
C.Peco Scale+1
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 Mask skill slots
Mask LevelSlot
Level 02
Level 23

 Mask Additional Status
Mask LevelStatus
Level 0Defend multiplier 0.9
Level 5Defend multiplier 0.8