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Item Details

Item Name R.Ludroth Scale
Item Name (Jpn) 水獣の鱗
Max Carry 99
Buy Price 0z
Sell Price 220z
Rarity 4
How to Get Boat (Hunting), Hunting Fleet, Carve, Reward

 Boat Related
Expedision TypeArea Name
HuntingDistant Isle
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 Hunting Fleet Related
Quest TypeQuest Name
Low Rank
I haven't found translation for Hunting Fleet Quest Name; Click on Quest Name for Hunting Fleet Details;

 Monster Related
Monster Carve
RankPartMonster NameQty
Low Rank
TailRoyal Ludroth1
BodyRoyal Ludroth1
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Break Reward
RankPartMonster NameQty
Low Rank
NeckRoyal Ludroth2
HeadRoyal Ludroth1
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Weapon TypeProductionWeapon NameRequire
Dual Sword
UpgradeLudroth Pair+4
Sword and Shield
UpgradeRoyal Claw+8
Hunting Horn
UpgradeDroth Drone3
Slash Axe
UpgradeLudroth Axe+8
CreateSponge Gear I8
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PartMale Armor NameFemale Armor NameRequire
Ludroth Helm2
Ludroth Cap2
Ludroth Vambraces2
Ludroth Guards2
Ludroth Greaves3
Ludroth Leggings3
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