Item Details
Item Name Bomb Arowana
Item Name (Jpn) バクレツアロワナ
Max Carry 10
Buy Price 270z
Sell Price 135z
Rarity 4
How to Get Fishing, Purchase
Description Basic item for combining Slime Coating, Bounce Bomb+, Slime S, Crag S Lv3;

 Item Combine
First ItemSecond NameItem ResultChanceQty Result
Bounce Bomb (打上げタル爆弾)Bomb Arowana (バクレツアロワナ)Bounce Bomb+ (打上げタル爆弾G)55%1
Huskberry (カラの実)Bomb Arowana (バクレツアロワナ)Slime S (爆破弾)65%1~3
Empty bottle (空きビン)Bomb Arowana (バクレツアロワナ)Slime Coating (爆破ビン)90%1~3
Bone Husk (カラ骨)Bomb Arowana (バクレツアロワナ)Crag S Lv3 (LV3徹甲榴弾)75%1
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 Gathering Related
Area NameRankArea No
Field of Ruins
Hi Rank
Ancient Forest
Low Rank
Hi Rank
Frozen Sea
Hi Rank
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