Item Details
Item Name Demondrug
Item Name (Jpn) 鬼人薬
Max Carry 5
Buy Price 0z
Sell Price 67z
Rarity 4
How to Get Trade, Combine
Description Increase attack points by 5, till the hunter done for.

 Item Combine
First ItemSecond NameItem ResultChanceQty Result
Demondrug (鬼人薬)Pale Extract (アルビノエキス)Mega Demondrug (鬼人薬グレート)55%1
Demondrug (鬼人薬)Bone Husk (カラ骨)Demon S (鬼人弾)75%1
Catalyst (増強剤)Might Seed (怪力の種)Demondrug (鬼人薬)65%1
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