Item Details
Item Name Lifepowder
Item Name (Jpn) 生命の粉塵
Max Carry 3
Buy Price 0z
Sell Price 315z
Rarity 4
How to Get Combine
Description Restore 50 points of hunter and partners health in same area

 Item Combine
First ItemSecond NameItem ResultChanceQty Result
Lifecrystals (生命の粉)Wyvern Claw (竜の爪)Lifepowder (生命の粉塵)65%1
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PartMale Armor NameFemale Armor NameRequire
Khezu S Mail3
Khezu S Vest3
Khezu U Vest3
Khezu U Vambraces3
Khezu U Guards3
Khezu S Faulds3
Khezu U Faulds3
Khezu S Coat3
Khezu U Coat3
Khezu S Greaves3
Khezu S Leggings3
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