Item Details
Item Name Armor Stone
Item Name (Jpn) 鎧石
Max Carry 99
Buy Price 1,500z
Sell Price 150z
Rarity 4
How to Get Purchase, Fleet Hunting, Boat
Description It is available for purchase by the Download Content; Basic item for combining Armor Sphere, Armor Sphere+, Adv Armor Sphere, Hrd Armor Sphere, Hvy Armor Sphere, Tru Armor Sphere

 Item Combine
First ItemSecond NameItem ResultChanceQty Result
Machalite Ore (マカライト鉱石)Armor Stone (鎧石)Armor Sphere (鎧玉)95%1
Dragonite Ore (ドラグライト鉱石)Armor Stone (鎧石)Armor Sphere+ (上鎧玉)95%1
Carbalite Ore (カブレライト鉱石)Armor Stone (鎧石)Adv Armor Sphere (尖鎧玉)95%1
Firecell Stone (獄炎石)Armor Stone (鎧石)Hvy Armor Sphere (重鎧玉)95%1
Armor Stone (鎧石)Rare Scarab (マレコガネ)Hrd Armor Sphere (堅鎧玉)95%1
Armor Stone (鎧石)Hercudrome (ドスヘラクレス)Adv Armor Sphere (尖鎧玉)95%1
Armor Stone (鎧石)Killer Beetle (キラビートル)Armor Sphere+ (上鎧玉)95%1
Armor Stone (鎧石)Gluehopper (のりこねバッタ)Armor Sphere (鎧玉)95%1
Fucium Ore (ユニオン鉱石)Armor Stone (鎧石)Hrd Armor Sphere (堅鎧玉)95%1
Fulk Lite Ore (フルクライト鉱石)Armor Stone (鎧石)Hvy Armor Sphere (重鎧玉)95%1
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