Item Details
Item Name Throwing Knife
Item Name (Jpn) 投げナイフ
Max Carry 5
Buy Price 0z
Sell Price 0z
Rarity 1
How to Get Quest Item Box
Description Throw a knife, give small demage to target; Basic item for combining Tranq Knife, Paralysis Knife, Sleep Knife, Poison Knife

 Item Combine
First ItemSecond NameItem ResultChanceQty Result
Tranquilizer (捕獲用麻酔薬)Throwing Knife (投げナイフ)Tranq Knife (捕獲用麻酔ナイフ)75%1
Throwing Knife (投げナイフ)Toadstool (毒テングダケ)Poison Knife (毒投げナイフ)65%1
Throwing Knife (投げナイフ)Sleep Herb (ネムリ草)Sleep Knife (眠り投げナイフ)65%1
Throwing Knife (投げナイフ)Parashroom (マヒダケ)Paralysis Knife (麻痺投げナイフ)65%1
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