Item Details
Item Name Barrel Bomb S
Item Name (Jpn) 小タル爆弾
Max Carry 20
Buy Price 156z
Sell Price 16z
Rarity 2
How to Get Purchase, Combine
Description It will explode after placed for a certain period of time; Basic item for combining Felvine Bomb, Bounce Bomb, Barrel Bomb S+

 Item Combine
First ItemSecond NameItem ResultChanceQty Result
Small Barrel (小タル)Fire Herb (火薬草)Barrel Bomb S (小タル爆弾)90%1
Barrel Bomb S (小タル爆弾)Burst Arowana (ハレツアロワナ)Barrel Bomb S+ (小タル爆弾G)75%1
Barrel Bomb S (小タル爆弾)Bnahabra Wing (飛甲虫の羽)Bounce Bomb (打上げタル爆弾)55%1
Barrel Bomb S (小タル爆弾)Felvine (マタタビ)Felvine Bomb (マタタビ爆弾)90%1
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