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In this site you can find information about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate or Monster Hunter 3G.
I very warmly welcome you to my site, feel free to browse on my site.
And if think that you find any incorrect content or information, please contact me and I will look into it
I am a MH3G player, and I am not playing MH3U, hence I have some problems with items name and DLC quest.
If you find some items without english translation, that's mean I haven't found it.
In fact, the contents between MH3G and MH3U is same, the only difference between MH3G and MH3U at DLC quest.
There are some MH3G DLC quests won't appear at MH3U, because the license only for MH3G.

About copyright,
I didn't own the information, those information from MH3G guide book, and some websites
You can reuse the information, share or profitmaking from those information.
But I own the scripts logic and database structure.

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