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Shakalaka Skill List

Skill NameDescriptionHow to get
Shock TrapperWhen there are large monster in area, Shakalaka able to set a trap (once during one quest)Shakalaka lv30
Fire AttackEmben fire attribute when perform attackfrom beginning
Water AttackEmben water attribute when perform attackfrom beginning
Ice AttackEmben ice attribute when perform attackfrom beginning
Thunder AttackEmben thunder attribute when perform attackfrom beginning
Dragon AttackEmben dragon attribute when perform attackShakalaka lv16
Element Attack UpElement attack upShakalaka lv24
Poison AttackEmben poison attribute when perform attackShakalaka lv20
Paralysis AttackEmben paralysis attribute when perform attackShakalaka lv12
Sleep AttackEmben sleep attribute when perform attackShakalaka lv14
Status Attack UpStatus attack upShakalaka lv26
Stun AttackEmben KO attribute when perform attackShakalaka lv10
Affnity BoostWhen perform an attack, there are posibility to become criticalShakalaka lv2
Attack BoostAttack multiplier become 1.2Shakalaka lv8
Defend BoostDefend multiplier become 1.2Shakalaka lv6
Guard BoostRaise chance to guard an attackShakalaka lv29
Agility BoostMovemen speed increaseShakalaka lv27
Speed Recovery upIncrease recovery time, from 120 to 60 secafter slay Ceadeus
HunterDisable gathering, in exchange raise stamina, attack, defend multiplier to 1.2rare trade
GathererRaise gathering frequencyrare trade
Seven livesEvery time Shakalaka respawn, attack power become more powerful (max 7 times)rare trade
Last StandDisable respawn, in exchange raise stamina, attack, defend multiplier to 1.5rare trade
RageRaise anger frequencyShakalaka lv28
Earplugshigh ear plug effectShakalaka lv18
Windpress and water current resDisable windpress and water currentShakalaka lv4
AntidoteDisable poisonShakalaka Lv22
BombardierBomb str uprare trade
Gunnery KingGunnery king effectShakalaka lv40
Blood BrothersDefend and attack rise, when one Shakalaka fleewhen kayanba join party
Slime AttackEmben slime attribute when perform attackShakalaka lv35