1. Navi Hints
Every single time you pick an egg, Navi gives you hint of the egg.

Weight Hints: Determine how many bingo and empty bingo slots in its pattern. Heavier the egg more the bingos, lighter means less bingos.
Weight Priority:
1. とてもおもい (Very Heavy)
2. おもい (Heavy)
3. ちょっぴりおもい (Little bit Heavy)
4. ふつう (Normal)
5. ちょっぴりかるい (Little bit Light)
6. かるい (Light)
7. とてもかるい (Very Light)

Smell Hints: Determine the quality of bingos. Nice Smell has good bingos, doesn't smell means basic bingos.
Smell Priority:
1. スゴクニオウ (Very Nice Smell)
2. いいニオイ (Nice Smell)
3. ニオイのある (Smelly)
4. 少しニオウ (Little bit smelly)
5. ニオイがしな (Doesn't smell)

2. Cave Atmosphere
There are 3 different type of cave atmospheres
1. いい感じ (Good Vibes), the chance of getting high-quality is slightly higher than normal vibe
2. 普通 (Normal Vibes), egg quality is randomize from bad to good-quality
3. やばい (Dangerous), the chance of getting high-quality depends on the level of risk. Higher risk means it's likely to get high-quality egg.

3. Hatching Background
Whenever you hatch an egg, pay attention on its background.
Blue background means the new monster has normal bingo pattern.
Yellow background means the new monster has better bingo pattern than blue.

Tips and Trick
This contents are summarized from our experiences, thus they are not 100% right, but they are working.
1. Type of Caves
There are 5 types of cave
1. Normal Cave, gives low rank eggs
2. Silver Cave, this cave only appear when you are taking certain villager request. The eggs are vary from low rank to normal-quality egg.
3. Gold (rare) Cave, the eggs are vary from normal to high-quality egg
4. Fixed Species Monster Cave, gives a specific egg (not random, but fix)
5. Red Cave (Hirank), gives hirank monster egg

2. How to find Fixed Species Monster Cave
Fixed species monster cave only appear whenever you beat monster then they run away after battle.
This type of cave gives you nest mark on your map, and it has different cave title (e.g. Rathian cave, etc).

Based on our experience, you have to clear the story in that area to let monster run away after battle.
If you haven't clear the story in that area, you only killing them, they won't run away after battle.
Note: we are not 100% certain about this, but it happens to us.

3. How to increase monster-running-away rate?
Use Paint Ball 3 turns before the monster die, it will increase running-away rate after battle.
It applies on random monster that you found in open map and/or monster that summoned by Qurupeco.
Using Rathian armor (or other armor that has 巣守り-Nest Guardian skill) will increase running-away rate.

It certains that some monsters have extra condition to increase their running-away rate.
(Please refer to our Monster List for monster details)
Please note that not all area/map are nest-able, it means monster can't run away to their nest on certain areas.

4. Easy way to find monster
Put Qurupeco in your party, and use him to summon monster. But it require RNG to find a rare monster.
If you have been summoning for a quite long time and your desire monster hasn't summoned yet,
Try to go back to camp then move to another city, sleep, then go back to summoning area.
It will refresh your RNG.

Another way, take certain side quest that require you to kill rare/uncommon monster,
Since it gives 100% spawn and give you the location on your map.

General Egg Pattern by Species


牙獣種(Fanged Beast)

鳥竜種(Bird Wyvern)

飛竜種(Flying Wyvern)

獣竜種(Brute Wyvern)

鋏角種(Sharp Horn Wyvern)


魚竜種(Fish Wyvern)

海竜種(Water Wyvern)

牙竜種(Fanged Wyvern)

古龍種(Elder Dragon)

Herbivorous Egg Patterns
アプケロス (Apceros)

アプトノス (Aptonoth)

ポポ (Popo)

Fanged Beast Egg Patterns
アオアシラ (Azuros)

ウルクスス (Lagombi)

ドスファンゴ (Bulldrome)

ババコンガ (Congalala)

ババコンガ亜 (Emerald Congalala)

ケチャワチャ (Kechawacha)

ケチャワチャ亜種 (Ash Kechawacha)

Bird Wyvern Egg Patterns
イャンクック (Yian Kut-ku)

イャンクック亜種 (Blue Yian Kut-ku)

イャンガルルガ (Ian Garuga)

クルペッコ (Qurupeco)

クルペッコ亜種 (Crimson Qurupeco)

ゲリョス (Gypceros)

ゲリョス亜種 (Purple Gypceros)

ドスイーオス (Iodrome)

ドスゲネポス (Gendrome)

ドスランポス (Velocidrome)

ドスジャギィ (Great Jaggi)

ドスバギィ (Great Baggi)

Flying Wyvern Egg Patterns
リオレイア (Rathian)

リオレイア亜種 (Pink Rathian)

リオレイア希少種 (Gold Rathian)

リオレウス (Rathalos)

リオレウス亜種 (Azure Rathalos)

リオレウス希少種 (Silver Rathalos)

ナルガクルガ (Nargacuga)

ナルガクルガ亜種 (Green Nargacuga)

フルフル (Khezu)

フルフル亜種 (Red Khezu)

ティガレックス (Tigrex)

ティガレックス亜種 (Black Tigrex)

ディアブロス (Diablos)

ディアブロス亜種 (Black Diablos)

グラビモス (Gravios)

グラビモス亜種 (Black Gravios)

バサルモス (Basarios)

バサルモス亜種 (Crystal Basarios)

ベリオロス (Barioth)

ベリオロス亜種 (Sand Barioth)

セルレギオス (Seregios)

Brute Wyvern Egg Patterns
ウラガンキン (Uragan)

ボルボロス (Barroth)

ボルボロス亜種 (Jade Barroth)

イビルジョー (Devil Jho)

ブラキディオス (Brachydios)

Sharp Wyvern Egg Patterns
ネルスキュラ (Nerscylla)

ネルスキュラ亜種 (Shrouded Nerscylla)

Amphibian Egg Patterns
ザボアザギル (Zamitros)

Fish Wyvern Egg Patterns
ドスガレオス (Cephadrome)

Water Wyvern Egg Patterns
ロアルドロス (Royal Ludroth)

ロアルドロス亜種 (Pink Royal Ludroth)

ラギアクルス (Lagiacrus)

ラギアクルス亜 (Ivory Lagiacrus)

Fanged Wyvern Egg Patterns
ジンオウガ (Zinogre)

ジンオウガ亜種 (Stygian Zinogre)

Elder Dragon Egg Patterns
キリン (Kirin)