Welcome to mhkita's new sub section, Toukiden
I'm making this section because there are lots of people playing this game and they are looking for info on this game.
So my friends and I decided to help people that have trouble with japanese.

We have translated the skill as close to the actual japanese kanji as much as possible.
The data in this section we collected mainly from japanese wiki and some of it have already tested by me and my friends.
The rest of the skill we haven't tested, will be tested once we have gotten further in the game.
If you spotted a irregularity, a typo or any incorrect information please don't hesitate to contact us.

About copyright,
We own the english information, scripts logic and database structure, cause we translated from Japan language by ourself.
If you want to reuse the information, share or profitmaking from those information, you have to give refferal to our site.
In the end, please respect writers, cause they have put efforts when working on this site.

Credits to who have worked on this site,
- id0x0
- JayuZmaN